Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set

Finish: Polished (Unlacquered) Brass
Polished (Unlacquered) Brass
Polished Chrome - POA:
Brushed (Satin) Chrome - POA:
Polished Nickel - POA:
Brushed (Satin) Nickel - POA:
Brushed (Satin) Brass - POA:
Antique Brass - POA:
Aged Brass - POA:
Oil Rubbed Bronze - POA:
City Bronze - POA:
English Bronze - POA:
County Bronze - POA:
Polished Copper - POA:
Brushed (Satin) Copper - POA:
Antique Copper - POA:
Aged Copper - POA:
Polished Gold - POA:
Brushed (Satin) Gold - POA:
Polished Antique Gold - POA:
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Urban Brass - POA:
Heritage Brass - POA:
Industrial Brass - POA:
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Heritage Bronze - POA:
Industrial Bronze - POA:
Brushed Bronze - POA:
Urban Copper - POA:
Heritage Copper - POA:
Industrial Copper - POA:
Urban Steel - POA:
Heritage Steel - POA:
Industrial Steel - POA:
Custom Finishes - POA:


This product is delivered to customers around the world via our trusted shipping partners...

  • Manufactured from solid brass, finished by hand in Hampshire, England.
  • Available in 20+ brassware finishes including variations of Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Gold.
  • Shower roses available from 6" to 18" diameter.
  • Featuring ceramic cartridges for enhanced performance and longevity.

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Learn more about the Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set

The brass Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set is a timeless concealed shower set which balances both usability and elegance as is expected from luxury brassware manufactured by Rutland London.

Machined from brass prior to being finished by hand in England, the Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set offers a pleasing combination of both ceramic and brass to achieve a timeless aesthetic.

The Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set includes: 

  • Grafton Two Function Black Ceramic Lever Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve & Trim
  • Bristol 15" Fixed Wall Arm
  • Shower Head (client choice of style & size  - see above dropdown)
  • Cleaver Black Ceramic Telephone Handset, Hose & Wall Supply Elbow

The Wellington Black Ceramic Lever & Cleaver Telephone Handset Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set is intended to be installed on high pressure systems of 1.0 bar and above.

Alongside being finished to order, each shower valve provided by Rutland London undergoes thorough wet and dry testing prior to being dispatched to ensure each valve meets our own high standards.

Should you require a variation of this design or for more elaborate finishes such as variations of Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Gold; we encourage you to email


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Material: Brass
Valve Connections (Inlets / Outlets): USA Compatible


Discover more about our brassware finishes

This product is listed on our website in Polished (Unlacquered) Brass. However, Rutland London understands that many of our clients have requirements for other finishes and we will be delighted to assist and support you with these requirements.

Popular brassware finishes from Rutland London include variations of Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickel, Copper & Gold.

It should be noted that many brassware finishes from Rutland London are "living" finishes which will age and patina. The rate and extent of this patination will depend on the environment in which the product is installed and should be expected. Patination of a product finish is not considered a warranty issue. If you seek further clarification of the appearance and behavior of a finish we recommend purchasing a sample from Rutland London.

Should you require a quotation for this product in a different finish or require further advice from our colleagues regarding finishes, we encourage you to email so that we may assist you further.


Lead time & shipping information

Due to the finished-to-order nature of products from Rutland London, payment is required in full in order for production to commence - do note that whilst card payments are accepted via our website for this product in Polished (Unlacquered) Brass, all orders for other finishes and special orders will require payment via wire transfer.

The indicative lead time on this product from receipt of payment to dispatch is currently around 4 weeks. Please note that lead times are subject to our manufacturing schedule at point of order and that we encourage you to contact our office for a "current" lead time.

It should also be noted that requirements for brassware finishes other than Polished (Unlacquered) Brass will likely extend the lead time due to the additional manufacturing processes involved.

Delivery is carried out by our carefully selected shipping partners with common couriers used including DHL, UPS and Fedex. 

In most cases delivery is completed within 2-3 weeks of the product being dispatched from our manufacturing site in England - however this is not guaranteed and is subject to US customs where there can sometimes be unforeseen delays outside of our control.

Please note that orders are shipped directly from our factory in England and therefore all orders are subject to import taxes and duties which will be payable prior to delivery of your order.

Larger orders may be delivered via pallet to ensure their safety during transit and this may extend shipping times.

In all instances we kindly ask you to note that delivery is strictly sidewalk only - it is not the responsibility of Rutland London to carry your order into your property.

For more information regarding ordering, shipping & delivery please email


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