If you have taken some time to browse our website you will see that we mention a number of times that our handmade towel warmers are manufactured from DZR brass.

What does the abbreviation “DZR” actually stands for?

"DZR" stands for “dezincification resistant brass”.

Brass is made by combining copper and zinc. The reason for this is that copper is unreactive, however, it is very malleable and can be easily damaged. Zinc is reactive and vulnerable to corrosion but strong.

By combining the two, and creating brass, it was hoped to create the “best of both worlds” with a product that is unreactive and strong – perfect for bathroom fittings.

Dezincification is effectively when the zinc is removed from the brass via the process of corrosion due to its reactiveness.

The process of dezincification can leave unsightly red spots on the brass which cannot be polished out. More seriously however, water can seep through the brass, resulting in the fitting no longer being water tight – not ideal with bathroom fittings.

In fact, dezincification can cause so much damage that in the First World War, it was claimed that more Royal Navy boats were put out of action due to dezincification than by the German Navy.

As a result, DZR brass was created which is what we make our bathroom fittings out of here at Rutland Radiators (USA).

Why do we use DZR brass?

At Rutland Radiators (USA), we pride ourselves on the quality of our handmade towel warmers and radiators. We understand that when one of our handmade radiators or towel warmers is fitted, the customer does not anticipate changing it for a long time, maybe even a lifetime.

Firstly, as already mentioned, DZR brass is resistant to dezincification. This means that the chances of there ever being a failure or leak are much reduced.

In addition to this, DZR brass is easier to machine and form than normal brass. As a result, our craftsmen in our family factory in Hampshire prefer using it when creating their handmade bathroom fittings.

The DZR process also increases the strength of the brass along with its anti-corrosiveness. Therefore, we can fit our radiators in highly corrosive environments, such as yachts and not worry about corrosion.

We hope this article has to some extent explained what DZR brass is. In particular, why we use it in our handmade bathroom fittings!

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